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Deck Cleaning in Hagerstown, MD

The moist air of Hagerstown, as well as the bright sun, are two ways to age and deteriorate your decking. The moist air can cause algae to grow on your decks while the sun can cause your paint to fade and chip away. We can completely resolve these issues and have your deck looking brand new again. In just one day we can turn your old and weathered deck and make it look brand new again. We do this by power washing your deck first, stripping away any dirt, grime or chipped paint. From there, we will have a clean wooden surface to stain or paint to your desired color, bringing back the natural beauty that your wooden deck once had.

Wood & Composite Deck Restoration

Application of cleaner which safely & effectively removes black mold & stubborn algae & mildew. Hinkle’s Cleaning is ideal for restoring older composite or wood decks to help prevent frequent recurrence of mold spots without changing the natural look of the material.

You Don’t Need To Replace Your Deck

Many homeowners see their withered deck and believe that it’s time to replace it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, many people just don’t realize how resilient wood is. With the proper products and techniques, your wooden deck can look new again. Restoring your deck will save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over replacing it. To get a free in-home consultation contact us today. We would love to come to your home to meet you and discuss all that we can do to restore your deck.

deck cleaning and restoration hagerstown
deck cleaning and restoration hagerstown